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Adarsh Madrecha

Techno Savvy Chartered Accountant. Conultant @ EY

Welcome to my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading about various topics that I write about.

From my experience as a  System Auditor at EY, I share my learning experience under the category “System Audit”. The articles under this section cover Application Controls Testing, Technical knowledge of SAP.

From my experience of being Faculty for Advance ITT at ICAI for teaching MS Excel, I share my Excel knowledge under the category “Excel”.  The articles under this section cover – Excel User Defined Functions (UDF), Excel Tips and Tricks.

From my experience in managing the IT infrastructure and office automation at Madrecha & Co (Dad’s CA Firm in Thane), I share my tips on office automation, suggestions to improve System through post under the category “Office-Management”.


After completing my BatchelorsDegree inAccounting and Finance (BCAF), I completed Chartered Accountancy Exams. Since I had inclination towards IT, studied system audit and completed ISA (Previously known as DISA)



Actively involved in various professional bodies. IT Committee Member at Chamber of Tax Consultants, WIRC, Thane Branch of ICAI. Delivered lectures on Excel, System Audit, Data Analytics at seminars conducted by Study Circle and Branches of ICAI.


Currently working at EY as system auditor. At EY, my primary work is Application Controls testing for various ERP including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, JDE, Keris, Sun System and other custom/homegrown ERPs. Previous to EY, my experience includes SOX Audit, ERP Implementation (Sun System), Business process re-engineering, Tally Customization.

My projects

GST Forum

A forum for GST Tax Consultants to share knowledge about Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Jamku Office Management

An Office Management software for CA, CS, Tax Consultants.

Counting Dues

An Andriod app to manage receivables (creditors) and payables (debtors)

SAP organization Assignment – Enterprise Structure

P2P - Purchase to Pay - MM Module Purchasing Organization Purchasing Org to Company Code One to Many. i.e one Purchasing Org can be assigned to Many Company Codes. Table - T024EPurchasing Org to Plant Many to Many. i.e Any Purchasing Org can be assigned to Any Plant...

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SAP Procure to Pay (P2P) Accounting and How to Audit

In SAP Procure to Pay (P2P), we create 4 documents to complete the entire process of procuring the goods to payment to the vendor. Purchase Order (PO) Goods Receipt (GRN) Invoice (Invoicing) Payment In some cases, there can be Purchase Requisition, before Purchase...

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Excel Learning Resources

Whenever I take seminars on Excel. I always get a question - What is the best place to learn Excel? Another Variation of the same question is - How can be an Excel Expert like you? On this page, I shall list down all the resources that I have come across -...

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SAP ML Run System Audit

ML / Actual Costing run in SAP is a complicated process. Hence, in this Post, I am going to cover ML run from the perspective of Raw Material. Will cover from the perspective of Finished goods in another article. The Below article explains how to Test "ML Run" in SAP...

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Complete List of MS Excel Shortcut Key

Ctrl+A - Select All Ctrl+B - Bold Ctrl+C - Copy Ctrl+D - Fill Down Ctrl+F - Find Ctrl+G - Goto Ctrl+H - Replace Ctrl+I - Italic Ctrl+K - Insert Hyperlink Ctrl+N - New Workbook Ctrl+O - Open Ctrl+P - Print Ctrl+R - Fill Right Ctrl+S - Save Ctrl+U - Underline Ctrl+V -...

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Testing Standard Reports in SAP

SAP provides tonnes of reports out of the box examples include FB5LN which is used to view the balance of a customer. If a need arises to customise reports, businesses instead of customising standard reports will create custom reports. These are created by BASIS Team,...

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Tcodes Required to Test Configuration in SAP

When we start Application Controls Tetsing or System Audit for a client using SAP, we nned to provide client with list of Tcodes which we shall be need to Check Configuration and Extract Data. General SE16N SPRO SQVI SUIM P2P Process OBYC O2C Process OVA8 FSCP...

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Thousand Separator in Excel

Sometimes we come accross a situation, where we want to change thousand seperator for a particular excel file. In this post, I shall discuss all about thousnd selerator in excel and how to configure it permanetly as well as for a single situation. Introduction to...

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